Today, the ROV is a highly developed technologically advanced system.  In that vein, the Pegasus PDU as a sub-system thereof, which will far exceed the capabilities of most any other PDUs available world-wide.

The complete ROV system is an integral part in the E&P process of the Global Offshore G&O industry.  The PDU is an integral part of the complete ROV system, and therefore a complete sub-system designed for subsea applications and major key component.  Hence, there is a need for an optionally upgraded state-of-the-art PDU sub-system to safely transfer reliable electrical power during all phases of E&P with a significantly reduced the downtime required for electrical issues.

This is especially true during operations involving the drilling, construction, decommissioning, and reclamation operations conducted in normal, adverse, and extended emergency phases, while being capable of meeting all currently existing international maritime safety standards.

In 2012 Pegasus began the design of a vastly superior PDU system that is efficient, flexible, and reliable in the range of 125 kVA-1250 kVA, and capable of a depth or transmission length of 11,000 meters (6.8 miles).