System Assets and Features

  1. All North American manufactured components and hardware with traceability and ANSI or ISO certification, except where appropriate and verifiable ANSI certification was acquired or performed;
  2. Refined our proprietary manufacturing and assembly methodologies;
  3. Adhered to ANSI standards for wire labeling with enhanced simplified technical notations;
  4. The designs include a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a Human Machine Interface (HMI);
  5. Designed for:
    1. efficiency;
    2. reliability;
  6. Remote mounting panels;
  7. Each unit meets all FAT requirements of client and DNV,
  8. Each unit meets the specifications of relevant DNV, Maritime, US Coast Guard, and NEMA standards,
  9. Each unit is certified by relevant DNV;
  10. Optional Softstart apparatus