How Strong is the Chain?

Clearly, a chain is no stronger nor more reliable than its weakest link.  In this regard, the desire for whatever seemingly innocuous performance improvement made to the system as a whole or the failure of a “minor” component may have rippling effects through the entire system possibly causing failure and costly downtime.  Therefore, the design efforts of our PDU Sub-Systems are made with an awareness of the complete ROV system and it’s sensitivity to change and/or component modification, which are carefully considered and analyzed before being implemented.  To that end, the following solutions have been designed, developed, and manufactured by Pegasus International LLC as the most reliable, efficient, and economical PDU system in the industry to support the entire working class and dredging ROV, with a leased down-time of record.

Efficient Transformer Design

After a cost/benefit tradeoff analysis, our transformers have been re-designed with increased cross section copper windings, improved class of the insulation material, higher quality core material, superior process manufacturing, and best assembly methodologies and practices.  The result is a reduced operating temperature-rise under specified ambient temperature limits, thus allowing our PDUs to be run at 99 plus % efficiency.  For reliable operations under extreme environmental conditions and/or in emergency operations our PDU systems can be run at higher than rated loads.

Economic Efficiency

We have improved the Return on Investment (ROI) by reducing the required on-board vessel space; providing single and 3-phase power to all potential electrical apparatus including the TMS, ROV, wench, operator’s station and all remote PDU control & instrument panels employed.

Proven Quality and Reliability

Our engineering staff come from a diverse background in aerospace, government, military, and industrial operations with a proven record of designing quality PDUs for global subsea working class ROV.  Each PDU has met or exceeding all DNV standards and tests, and been well accepted by clients, service providers, technicians, end users, and operators.  In a worst case scenario such as the loss of power in any one or all of the 3-phase input legs without a ground fault, or a ground fault in anyone of the output legs, the systems will shut down for safety.

Flexible PDU System

Each PDU is intentionally designed and specifically built to meet contract specifications with a wide margin of safe reliable power.  As such each PDU is extremely flexible in providing power to any ROV and TMS combination within the given PDU specifications.  There are multiple input and output transformer taps (typically 5 each) to meet most any available vessel supply voltage (380 – 480 VAC) and most any required output voltage (2,600 – 3,800 VAC).